Sunday, January 13, 2008

"deep, deep inside, deep, deep down inside..."

the last couple of days have seen me going through piles of records i no longer want. stuff i bought between the late 90's and early 00's. i used to buy a lot of progressive house and (ssssh, don't tell anyone...trance). i'd always bought (what i considered) great house/techno/hip-hop but with the drugs available at the time prog/trance just seemed to sound great. totally buzzing my nut off to these tracks just seemed to make sense. we'd go out to a club, come back and carry on taking pills whilst playing these tracks in the background. one of the lad's used to throw great parties and him, me and another lad would play the tunes. fucking great times ! it's all in the past now and i know it'll never be like that again. we're either married, got kids, moved away or just don't fancy drugs anymore...

so now i'm left with all these records i don't like. i must have liked them at the time but listening to some of them now, 12, 10, 8, 6 years later some of them are complete and utter garbage. ah well, i suppose it'll leave me more room for some great new records ! by the time i've finished the clearout i reckon i'll be taking about five hundred shit records to the second hand shop. i've talked to the bloke at the shop and explained i don't want any money, i just want rid. he's happy to oblige. best of all my dad's happy after i cleared a load from his house, "that ceiling's going to come through one day" he used to say. mrs smackhead is also happy, the guest room has been my record room for too long (apparently). problem is, as soon as i'm clearing stuff out i'm getting new stuff in. i was down the second hand shop the other day and some fella dumped an ace disco collection, whilst another brought in his old house stuff. what is a record junkie to do ? you guessed it...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

will smith can fuck off !

2008 ! let's go...every blogger and his dog has done a chart so here's mine (all be it a little late, but who cares ?). okay, track wise my faves were:

1. still going - theme
2. unique 3 - theme (autechre remix)
3. whitest boy alive - 24k
4. holy ghost - hold on
5. gino soccio - love is (prince language re-edit)

most stuff at the cinema was shit, so let's not go there (ditto TV).

blog wise, american athlete was a worthy runner-up. the winner by a mile was the red room. i'm telling you, the guy knows his shit. links to both on the right. there are more good people who i must bring to your attention, so i'll be adding them to the joe bloggers list over the next week or so. i'm just gonna keep on doing what i'm doing - a picture, a track and some bollocks. you love it though don't you ? why else are you here ? certainly not for the latest tracks at 320kps that's for sure. if i was one of those blogs i'd be giving you hot chip's latest single ready for the floor. i've had it for a few months now but the guy who looks like brains from thunderbirds needs to eat. it's catchy as fuck by the way and is out in the u.k. on 28th january.

i had two weeks off over christmas and really chilled out. got pissed a few times but luckily stayed off the chocs and cake and lost half a stone (seven pounds to my american chums). i went home to see my parents and catch up with some old pals. it's weird, i spend all my time wanting to go back to my roots...but when i get there i realise i want to get away. it's not that i don't like my family and friends, more that it's never going to be how i remember it as a kid. ah well, i suppose my life isn't all bad. especially when you see the dreadful scenes occuring in kenya at the moment.