Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"can't take the smell, can't take the noise..."

has that been two weeks already? i was going to do something last week but the mum of mrs s came to stay. pipe down at the back, it wasn't all that bad. she's alright actually and i think she appreciates that i'm myself when she's around. i burp, fart and swear in her company and she doesn't seem to mind. mrs s, however, is mortified by my behaviour. ah well, that's life. i cooked a few meals during her stay (i do ALL the cooking at smackhead towers, and i ain't bad either. yes i can do roast potatoes and make my own bread). on saturday night we went out for dinner to a little place mrs s had been to a few weeks earlier with her pals.

the place was criminally empty, a result of the recent economic downturn according to the manager. what a shame. great food (i had duck) and some great real ales on draught (london pride and black sheep...mmmmmmm). anyway, if you're ever in the area drop in. i might make my eating out recommendations a regular part of cdwd, and then you too can have a gut as big as mine! talking of economic slowdowns, i hope all your jobs are safe. these are worrying times. i work in the construction industry and a few weeks ago we were scratching our arses. luckily this week a load of stuff has come through from our contract work. so fingers crossed, happy days.

the u.s. elections are finally over, thank god! i could never see why the british media thought it so important to give me eleven months of election coverage. i'm interested in the result but not the bullshit that precedes it. i'd love to say the best man won but only history will tell. the poor bastard inherits two wars and a fucking huge economy in trouble.