Wednesday, January 19, 2011


when you're a nobody like me it's a privilege to receive free music from a record label. i've just had the pleasure of hearing the next international feel release and it's fantastic. i've said it before and i'll say it again, i'll never review anything on here that i don't like. it just happens that the stuff this label are putting out ticks all the boxes in my head. the track in question is "the goddess" by bubble club. it's making me think of summer already. no soundclips just yet but i'm sure they'll appear on the soundcloud page soon. out on the 7th march in physical format with digital to follow.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"it's that man again..."

i've been busy, mostly doing nothing, but thought i'd fill you in on a few things you probably know already. out on february 14th, it's the latest release by locussolus on international feel records. i got this in december and it's really grown on me. a double header of "i want it" and "next to you", with vocals by harvey. check out the clips here. i forgot to blog about international feel's previous release by maxxi & zeus. that's ace too, especially the "mz medley". do yourself a favour and buy 'em both.

hope you all got the mark seven triple cd pack from ln-cc, along with a t-shirt. if you didn't then it's too late. i'm looking forward to the new claremont 56 "originals" cd by felix dickinson. there's normally between 800 and 1000 of these, so get one sharpish. it's release number 5 in the series and mudd says there's only going to be 10. sean p will have a second volume at some point as he has so many secret weapons he wants to share.

i finally managed to blag a copier/scanner as well. it's not the best but it was free, so thank you dave! this will enable me to show you some magazine pages and anything else i can think of. talking of mags, hopefully you picked up the latest faith strobelight honey. there's excellent interviews with lil louis, andy hernandez (coati mundi), harvey and a real eye opener from fat tony. there's lots more too. it's certainly one of the best mags out there, and it's free!

Friday, October 29, 2010

"blankety blank, blankety blank..."

here's something i should have bought earlier in the year, but managed to find it second hand and in mint condition last week for £3. i didn't know whether to post it here or in mouldy disco, ie. it's not new but it's not old either. however, it is a fantastic compilation and i suggest you buy it.

stealing is believing *sampler

of all the edit(or)s out there i find these releases to be consistently the best. the popular people's front have been putting stuff out in wonderful sleeves since 2004. they're made up of leo zero (who also does the artwork), chris duckenfield and bill brewster. they seem to take the best bits of tracks and weld them into something new, rather than just looping a classic disco record (which a lot of lazy edits do). available at juno and piccadilly. i should have posted this 2 weeks ago because most places have sold out now. piccadilly also had limited quantities of "back to back" from 2005. seems they've gone too. sorry.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

double bubble

some of those kids at oki-ni (a constant source of amusement) have jumped ship and opened ln-cc. they sell some crazy looking clothes for big bucks, and also records and books. they've hooked up with international feel to produce a t-shirt that comes with the label's first cd. there are a couple of exclusives amongst the 9 tracks (10, if you include the interlude) and it all comes in a box with some friendship bracelets, but i'm not a hippy so i chucked them away. if you don't want a t-shirt the cd is available on it's own. you can also get it from juno/piccadilly/phonica.

Friday, September 24, 2010

"I love my baby, want to play with you..."

this is brilliant and has a limited vinyl run (only 300). you can hear the a-side on his myspace page, along with some of his other tracks. the real gems are on the b-side and you can hear soundclips at the usual suspects. "sayonara robot" is the stand out track for me.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


when i first saw this for sale at juno i thought it must be a bootleg. y'know, someone trying to cash in on some new romantic nostalgia. thankfully it's legitimate, and not only do you get the original but a 2010 update as well (which is superb). if you're interested, there's a fantastic rusty egan interview on finn johannsen's site. check out the soundclips, read the interview and then buy the record. easy.