Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"when the chimes end...just try me."

just a quick mention for a new book published by the djhistory people. it contains all the boy's own fanzines. i always thought there were loads of them but it turns out there were only 12. i've never seen a copy myself but i'm really looking forward to this. i was lucky enough to see a mock up of the book a few weeks ago and it's proper coffee table material, ie. it's big. £24.95 seems a snip and if you pre-order on the djhistory site you'll get a free 7" record of bocca juniors "raise". you know, the one with the piano lifted from thrashing doves "jesus on the payroll".

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"watch the skies...keep looking"

now and again i hear something that makes me realise i know nothing about music at all (even though i've been buying records for 30 years). the little package in the picture makes me want to throw all my records out and start again. it hasn't been off my stereo (house and car) since i got it last week. it came out in 2007 and is a double cd and book. one cd is mixed and the other is edits of the mixed tracks. some tracks are played fast, others are played slow. it is unbelievably good.

available all over the place but i got mine delivered for £15 from amazon marketplace. what are you waiting for? go and buy it now!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

"this is what they want!"

just a quick one today because the weather is too nice to be indoors. i was lucky enough to get one of these recently. if you didn't get one don't worry because lexx (over at the djhistory forum) was kind enough to upload the mixes for all to enjoy. if you're aware of mark seven you'll know what to expect (if you're not you're in for a treat). loads of records you've never heard before, great mixing tracklist (but that's half the fun). the trainspotters over at djhistory are trying to fill in the gaps, why not help them?

Friday, August 7, 2009

"...and the sun is shining"

now that's not the sort of post-it note you want to see first thing in the morning is it? it was attached to a cheque mrs s had left me. the other month she gave me a cheque and i didn't cash it straight away. so this month i'm under strict instructions to cash it a.s.a.p.

so what's new? apart from that ace raving '89 book i can tell you blogland is a poorer place. i haven't posted for ages (until the other day) and had a look at all the links on the right of this page. loads of people have chucked it in, so i deleted them and added a few new ones. more to come as and when i stumble across them. some of them had run their course and explained why they were stopping, but others had just stopped for no apparent reason. i suppose they could just be lazy bastards like me and might return, who knows?

i must admit i'm starting to like this new, shorter, format of cdwd because it means i can post more regularly. from time to time i may slip back to my old self but let's see how it goes. i've got the next post worked out in my head but it'll probably change. i want to base it on what happened that day or has happened that week...oh bollocks here we go again...i'll just do whatever comes into my head. i've got loads to talk about so keep 'em peeled.

it pissed down today (where i live and work) but eventually it cleared up just as i finished. the sun came out and i went into town and picked up some bargain records in the second hand shop. i bought some beers, watched some telly and then wrote this. so it turned out alright in the end.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"a picture can tell a thousand words"

i was lucky enough to blag one of these this week. an absolutely fantastic book of photos and recollections of raving in 1989. to a northern lad like me it at first seemed "a bit london" but you soon forget and it takes you right back. in reality it doesn't matter where these photos were taken, anyone into that scene at the time can relate to them. ponytails, dungarees and massive mobile phones...they're all here. happy days! available from the djhistory website and i think it'll be in the shops too. £20 well spent. if you pre-order on the djhistory site you'll get a mix cd as well.
while you're there check out the disco files book. i can't tell you how ace this book is. a snapshot of disco as it happened. £20 as well. so that's forty quid, but what the hell? stay in this weekend and enjoy something that'll last a lot longer than a gram of charlie.