Monday, May 24, 2010

"i'm just moving on my own..."

don't be thinking that just because people send me stuff i'll review it no matter what. my standards are pretty high so i have to like the stuff i post about. the next release from international feel records is right up my street and it lands on june 14th. "moving" is by coyote a.k.a. timm sure and ampo of is it balearic recordings. apparently they met in nottingham moons ago and the track is inspired by the house sound graeme park championed. the piano line sounds a little like cut the q "crackdown" (parkside mix), so i can hear the influence straight away. it's a great house track with subtle changes all the way through. you also get a storming still going remix which builds and drops, builds and drops, builds and drops with a nagging synth line. top stuff. last but not least is a coyote remix of international peoples gang's "second" which is a stunning late night/early morning number. as ever, there's hand produced sleeve work and it comes on 180g vinyl. digital files will follow a few weeks later. roll on the next release.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"you would hear our music everywhere, uptown and down"

peter brown said that. he was one half of p&p records along with super producer patrick adams. i bought this cd after finding volume 2 second hand a few days ago. the first volume is equally as good and the best thing is the price. £6 inc p&p (no pun intended) from juno. john mccready, in his sleevenotes, says "it is simply criminal that this music is not up there with the often cited classics of the salsoul, west end and prelude cannons. track after track will stun you into silence". i must admit to not knowing about p&p records until recently but wish i'd found out years ago because original 12"s are now really expensive. i looked up the prices of available records and they match the second volume. this compilation is stunning. i urge you to get both copies...and save yourself $4000!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Backstreet's back...alright!" - part 2

there's a 4-track vinyl sampler to accompany the cd mentioned a few posts ago. available everywhere right now. worth it for the china burton track alone, even if it is an edit. i got mine from z records for £7 (inc p&p).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


i came home to find another fantastic record had arrived. i'd never heard of this artist either but anything harvey related was bound to turn up on djhistory. it's only available direct from the u.s.a. at the moment but hopefully that'll change, because it was quite expensive. you can buy it here and it'll come in a strong mailer. the edit isn't much different to the original. okay, it's sounds a little like a.w.b.'s "pick up the pieces" in places but who cares? not me. funky as fuck and then some. the b-side isn't bad either. comes with a daft little dj tool at the end of each side and some artwork. what are you waiting for? click the link now.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

"if everyone's sitting comfortably..."

...then i'll begin. or rather james holroyd will as he's responsible for this beauty. it's been described as "the musical equivalent of feeling the sun on your face, the crashing of waves on the warm breeze and sand between your toes." couldn't have put it better myself. available from the usual suspects right now, but i got mine here.