Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Backstreet's back...alright!"

no, not them! i'm referring to this fantastic cd just released by joey negro's z records. 2 discs of unmixed brit funk goodness. available everywhere soon or you can get it direct from z records for £10.49 (delivered). there's a few bits of jazz noodling on there but on the whole it's ace. worth it for the china burton, 52nd street, mbt and intrigue tracks alone. what are you waiting for? get it ordered now!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

"chill, winston..."

i somehow managed to blag my way on to the International Feel promo list a few weeks ago. they're a fairly new label based in uruguay and run by a guy called mark (who is not from uruguay). the emphasis is on quality music, on limited 180g vinyl, in a hand finished sleeve. i don't know what mark did in the past but he's managed to get the likes of harvey and daniele baldelli to do stuff for him. international feel also do limited run edits on the Efeel label. anyway, the next release is by maxxi & zeus. never heard of them? well, if i mention quiet village (a.k.a. matt edwards and joel martin) then you know it'll be good. both tracks could be labelled ambient and it would be foolish to say otherwise. so what if it's all wave noises, gentle percussion and some fella rambling on about life (the struggle) or bird noises, bell chimes, acoustic guitar and wailing (the cell). it's a very brave release and actually quite good. the release date is may 24th and i'm sure it'll be available from the usual suspects. the digital files are normally released some time after the vinyl, so don't fret if you use cdj's or a laptop.

"read all about it!"

the new issue of faith is on the streets. grab a copy now at various places in london, get it sent with your orders from juno and phonica or get details of mail order here. there's a great mike pickering interview, as well as levon vincent and dave rodigan (who i'd never heard of, but is a fascinating bloke). loads more in there too.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"you got the love..."

you need this record in your life. that's official because i say so. listen to it here. then buy the record. available from all the usual suspects (links on the right hand side of this page). "proper feel good vibes" is how someone else described it and i agree. i don't listen to much new house anymore, but now and again a track comes along that everyone talks about. this is one of those tracks. i'm telling you, just fuck off to that soundcloud link if you don't believe me! if you're still here let me tell you about my week. bloody awful! i've had a heavy cold and it's been bills, bills, bills. leccy/gas, poll tax and water rates. me and her have shelled out £900 this week. nine hundred pounds. just reading it makes me angry. so who am i gonna vote for? which ever cunt can get the bills down. so that'll be none of them...probably. still cursing myself i never got a picture of that other rich fella in a big posh car with a daft plate. it's a silver porsche 911, drives around sunningdale and has HOT 453X as it's registration plate. he's turned the 3 around. that's right, HOT 4 5EX. send me a pic if you see him.