Thursday, February 19, 2009

"what have i, what have i, what have i done to deserve this?"

jesus fuck! we're all doomed if you believe any of the news recently. gloom, gloom and more gloom. job losses, debt, the taliban getting stronger and you know who has the big c. ffs don't watch the telly, it'll ruin your weekend. to top it all phonica believe we want to spunk £30 on a range of t-shirts it's just got in. phew, don't they know we're all skint? alright calm down, sit on the ground with your head between your legs and breathe deeply. is it working? no didn't think so. one of my old p.e. teachers used to say this to us when we got a stitch after a cross country run. mr french was his name and he used to wear the tightest trackie bottoms and drive a mk1 ford xr2. wonder what he's doing now? probably not reading the hottest blog around...and neither are you! ha, ha. just realised how stupid laughter looks in print. doh! so where was i...? ah yes, did you watch the brits last night? i watched the start and dipped in and out through the night. u2 were ordinary, i'm not "feeling" the new single. it could be any rock song by any rock band. duffy's voice makes my shit itch. take that were miming, and as for those two fellas off gavin and stacey...fuck right off the pair of you! i love their show, but presenters they are not. lifetime achievement award went to pet shop boys. i love psb. always have, always will. end of.

i post irregularly but somehow i end up getting nice people to send me music. probably a combination of my boyish charm and good looks. ha, ha. doh, done it again. honestly though, i will only review stuff i like and it just happens that electric minds are releasing the afrobutt album "wonderbutt" next week. i listened to it with mrs s in the room and some of her comments were priceless. "this is going out music", "'s a bit formulaic" and "ooh, i like this one". well, what does she know? i'll tell you what i know. this is chock full of tunes that are funky and will get girls dancing. as we all know that is the first rule of dj'ing. highlights for me are "kali dreams", "torro de butt", "the taste", "disco mudma" and "wunderbutt". all in all a great package and did i mention steve kotey is behind it? well you know what to do. available from most of the rekiad stores on the right hand side of my page or the electric minds site (and no, i'm not on commission). check out sound files in the afrobutt link above.