Sunday, February 10, 2008

"no way to control it..."

so all the old prog tracks have been sorted. now i'm going through the rest of my stuff. there's all manner of shit to be slung out. madonna 12"s (not the good ones), "best of..." compilations and shite house records i should never have bought. it's all starting to pile up now and is sitting in the garage ready to be shifted. it was all going to the 2nd hand shop but some of the stuff is worth a little bit of money so i may have a dabble on discogs/e-bay. i wasn't arsed at first but what the hell? if it doesn't shift after a few weeks it'll be back to the original idea. but enough of my hair brained get rich quick schemes (as if) and on with the show.
i was in reading today. she got a sat nav the other week and i told her it was bluetooth compatible. it wasn't, cue a bollocking for me. funniest thing was that she didn't realise her cigarette lighter didn't work and the thing ran out of power on her first journey (to somewhere she'd never been before. so confident was she of it's skills that she left her road atlas at home). heh, heh. so today we went back and swapped it for a hands free bluetooth version. sorted. say what you like about john lewis (a chain of huge department stores in the u.k., for the benefit of my foreign fans) but they are the shit. they've got everything and customer service is second to none. recently voted the nation's favourite retailer. FACT. but... reading has got fuck all else to shout about. it's the same old shopping experience as most other large towns (or is it a city?). if anyone knows of a decent 2nd hand record shop (or new for that matter) in reading please tell me.

Monday, February 4, 2008

"dee, dah, dah, dah, dee, dah, dah, dah, dar...etc"

3 weeks! so where have i been? in the spare room sorting through loads of boring 90's prog records (well someone had to do it). they weren't going to sort themselves, and my dad wasn't going to do it. if i had the money again i could have had a nice car by now. 500 x £5-7 could have got me something better than the n-reg golf i'm currently driving. mind you i nearly didn't have it or my life this afternoon. if you were driving towards hindhead on the A30 about 3.45 this afternoon and saw a red car coming in the opposite direction (going too fast) going around THAT bend and losing was me. luckily there was no-one behind or to the side of me so i was lucky not to injure anyone else. it sure beats any fairground ride i've been on! the side of the car is fucked (thank god for the central reservation barrier) and only my pride is hurt. surely the signs saying "SLOW DOWN" and "35 MPH" and the big black & white arrows should have given it away. stupid thing is, i drove up the road in the morning and said to myself "ivan, you need to remember that on the way back". prick.

so where were we? ah, yes. clearing stuff out has been quite therapeutic for my soul. getting rid of the shite music demons that once clouded my judgement. i went through all my old vhs cassettes too (remember them kids ?), loads of absolute bollocks in there too (breakdance, predator 2, mall rats, to name but three...). so i've got loads of space now to buy them again on dvd! (probably)
i was in a charity shop t'other day and i swear someone had broken into my house and ran up the street and dumped the records i was getting rid of in the shop. there were 3 boxes on the floor and assorted plebs going through the tunes. one guy was after "prog breaks" and some woman (who stank of ale) was after "funky house". i told both of them that i had a shit load of the stuff to collect at my house and they weren't interested! probably thought i was some sort of weirdo who hung around charity shops winding people up.