Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"it's that man again..."

i've been busy, mostly doing nothing, but thought i'd fill you in on a few things you probably know already. out on february 14th, it's the latest release by locussolus on international feel records. i got this in december and it's really grown on me. a double header of "i want it" and "next to you", with vocals by harvey. check out the clips here. i forgot to blog about international feel's previous release by maxxi & zeus. that's ace too, especially the "mz medley". do yourself a favour and buy 'em both.

hope you all got the mark seven triple cd pack from ln-cc, along with a t-shirt. if you didn't then it's too late. i'm looking forward to the new claremont 56 "originals" cd by felix dickinson. there's normally between 800 and 1000 of these, so get one sharpish. it's release number 5 in the series and mudd says there's only going to be 10. sean p will have a second volume at some point as he has so many secret weapons he wants to share.

i finally managed to blag a copier/scanner as well. it's not the best but it was free, so thank you dave! this will enable me to show you some magazine pages and anything else i can think of. talking of mags, hopefully you picked up the latest faith strobelight honey. there's excellent interviews with lil louis, andy hernandez (coati mundi), harvey and a real eye opener from fat tony. there's lots more too. it's certainly one of the best mags out there, and it's free!

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